Custom Coating
  Quality Policy
Tarpaulins are coated with PVC on both sides with Polyester as base fabric. It is available in fabric form and also fabricated as per the customer requirement. Our PVC coated fabric is available in width up to 84 inch (213 cm approx). Tarpaulins are available in weight of 700 GSM (Grams / sq meter), 600 GSM, 500 GSM and 400 GSM. Our Blackout speciality tarpaulin are available in 800 GSM and 900 GSM. We have Swiss machineries to heat seal the PVC coated fabric and make into tarpaulins of various size as per requirements and any particular desired shape and stitch velcro and rope is desired.
Water Proof
Tough but light in weight
Easy to handle and store
UV stabilized
Low elongation under stress
No cracking
Attractive and Fast colors
Fungus and Termite resistant
High tear and tensile strength
Fire retardant
Truck and Other Vehicle cover
Domes for exhibition hall/events
Tents & Shelters
Bus and Railway Upholstery
Pallet Wrapping
Blackout fabrics and Awnings
Special application tarpaulin for sago and anti rodent tarpaulins
Industrial bags for storing large quantity liquid
Canopy and Automotive hoods
Hanger Covers
We offer AV, Fire retardant and anti rodent tarpaulins as per request. 
Tarpaulins are available in various colors like Black, Blue, Green, Beige, Yellow, Grey and Maroon. Other colors are available on  
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